Wow! My last post was on 22 June 2021. Today is 18 October 2021. While we certainly haven’t had it as hard as some countries, we in Auckland, are in day 63 of a hard lockdown, starting with Level 4, then Level 3, then level 3 with a few lessenings of restrictions. I can now see my daughter and her family, but only meeting outside, no hugging, wear masks if you can and stay 2 metres away from each other! We’ve had one meeting on our deck, eating pizza, and another in a park eating hot chips!

This is the longest lockdown we’ve had in New Zealand. It is hard. Work, school and uni are online if possible. I really feel for our students. Some of them thrive doing online work, others can’t cope. If you can’t work online, are not an essential worker, or your business is unable to do contactless delivery or pick up, there is no work.

We will find out at 4pm today whether any alert levels change. For those of us doing our part as a team of 5 million, it is beyond annoying that the mean actions of some people unwilling to provide information for contacts, travelling all over the country, falsifying documents, organising protest rallies and having big parties in their homes, could mean a longer lockdown and more restrictions. Our positive cases are spreading.

There is a massive effort for everyone to be vaccinated, and our numbers are looking good. Some people don’t want it, but can’t really say why. To those I say to take advice from the experts we have in NZ, not from Facebook or Utube. Others have strong convictions. Others won’t just because they don’t like being told to. Hard to pull together when we are divided like that. I think people just want to be able to have a Christmas this year, and our normal summer holidays.

The thing I’ve missed the most is obviously family (who will be in our bubble if we ever go back to level 4) and football. The season was over not much after it began and I really miss my happy place watching my grandsons play the beautiful game! Thankful for being able to watch the Premier League, and seeing Liverpool at their best!

So, I feel nervous for what might be announced today. It’s unsettling but I need to hope it will be for the best, have faith and continue to trust God. Kia Kaha, stay strong New Zealand.

Published by accordingtojj

I LOVE God, my husband of 45 years, my two beautiful daughters, my wonderful son-in-law, my two awesome grandsons, football (soccer), my church (OCC), scrapbooking, reading, TV, movies, chocolate... and I'm loving my new job of proofreading and editing after obtaining a Diploma - with excellence!

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