Wow! I can’t believe that it has been 10 months since my last blog post!

A lot has happened since then and we carry on in New Zealand almost as if there is no pandemic in the world. I am still so proud of NZ and our team of 5 million. We are still getting cases arriving from overseas, but they are caught in managed isolation, and then quarantined. It’s weird that saying all these words sounds normal to me now. There has been a ‘travel bubble’ opened with parts of Australia and the Cook Islands. This also seems to be working, although the Australian end has it’s problems.

We are rolling out the Covid vaccination program in stages, and because I am over 65, I have booked mine in. People are saying it’s taking too long, but it is a massive job with so many logistics and points to juggle. It is not mandatory, but I will be lining up for mine.

As a family, we have celebrated Christmas, been on holiday to Hahei (our favourite spot in NZ, apart from where we live), celebrated birthdays and continued with work, school and University, with some of that online.

I personally, have had a bit of work and have also enjoyed a new hobby – paint by numbers! It’s very relaxing and theraputic for me. I have now just embarked on a Mystery Writing 12 month Diploma course through the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies. There is a lot more to it than you would think! It’s certainly a challenge. My goal is to eventually write a book telling my journey through trauma to recovery.

Take care and continue to be vigilant with hygiene, SCAN or SIGN in wherever you go, keep Bluetooth on, have your vaccination (if you can) and support our wonderful team of 5 million to continue being safe. Kia Kaha.

Published by accordingtojj

I LOVE God, my husband of 45 years, my two beautiful daughters, my wonderful son-in-law, my two awesome grandsons, football (soccer), my church (OCC), scrapbooking, reading, TV, movies, chocolate... and I'm loving my new job of proofreading and editing after obtaining a Diploma - with excellence!

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