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I love writing, words, and reading – as if you hadn’t guessed! Now that I am qualified with a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing, I’d like to help others to enhance whatever they are doing in a professional manner, without those glaring mistakes that people seem to zero in on! A spell and grammar check doesn’t always pick up everything!

Seriously, the legal and financial cost to a business from a misplaced comma or incorrect cost/price amount may be immense. Check out the bloopers at the end of my site!

With a world-wide pandemic changing a lot of the way we do life and business, working online will be more important than ever! At this stage, I am unable to accept hard copy work, or meet with clients, so online it is!

On a personal note, I will be donating 10% of any payments I receive from my clients to a mental health agency in NZ. I have been and continue to work through my own journey of anxiety, depression, PTSD recovery and loss, so I want to give back in a small way to these organisations which do such a great work. Janet

I am also writing my blog posts on this site so have a look for them further on.

Let me help take away the stress of frustrating punctuation and spelling errors! I provide professional and quality proofreading and editing of printed or online documents.

I am all about clear communication and providing an excellent written document for you. I will keep in touch through the process.


My Prices:

I can give you an estimate/quote based on the number of pages or the number of words in a document, or on an hourly basis for projects in different formats. Please contact me on the ‘send message’ link below or by email to discuss different options. I am open to negotiation!


10 May 2019   Ryan Day

Janet Jacobsen (proofreading.works) provided proofing and editing services to me as part of the production and self-publishing of my Father-in-law’s novel “The Cloud By Day” (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0823YSDH1).    Janet provided a personal and professional service that really provided confidence that the book, once published, would be error free and a pleasure to read. She also recommended several formatting improvements to ensure that the book would align to traditional publishing standards.  

2019 Yolanda Murray

I used Janet to proof read and edit my first book that I wrote. Quite frankly I was very nervous and not very confident with my work as it was my first book. Janet was very helpful and gave me a few good tips, and because of her help and kindness I now have more confidence about my work. Janet is a very good editor and is passionate about her work. I would recommend her any time to anyone.  

6 May 2016 Joel Young   (Professional Problem Solver and Human Developer)          

I’ve actually worked in a variety of different contexts with Janet and she has always been a pleasure to work with. Janet possesses a skill set that I need! She cares about spelling and grammar! She pays attention to details and works carefully and thoroughly to ensure things are done properly. If you need some of that, then I highly recommend contacting Janet.            

2019 – from a local sports club

Janet Jacobsen volunteered her time and her editing skills to ensure that the club booklet was grammatically correct and error free. Janet did this in a prompt and timely manner and her edits were accepted. Janet’s keen eye even picked up an error that was in some marketing material we used elsewhere. The club was appreciative of Janet’s assistance and will use her skills in the future when the need arises.

2 May 2019    Sarah Hannah   BBS, MBS

I commissioned Janet Jacobsen to edit my 60,000 word Thesis.   Janet was extremely professional and worked in a very timely manner. She patiently went through and checked the document for correct grammar and spelling. I was very grateful as it gave me confidence when I handed my Thesis in. I did not get any markdowns for grammar or spelling.     I would highly recommend Janet for any editing work. I believe she would be capable of all jobs, no matter how small or large. Thank you again, Janet, for your excellent work. 

5 May 2019 Adriana Helena Walerius Bacharel em Ciências Biológicas – Universidade Paranaense – UNIPAR Mestre em Conservação e Manejo de Recursos Naturais -Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná – UNIOESTEDoutoranda em Entomologia – Universidade Federal de Viçosa – UFV

A friend recommended Janet. Correcting the English language in my manuscript was indispensable. Janet’s work was excellent.

Let’s discuss how I can provide the best service for you: whether you are writing a book or a thesis – on paper or online!

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