A new normal?

Hello, everyone. As I write this, we are in about week 6 (I think! Not even sure what day it is to be honest!) of our nation-wide lock down, and who would have thought at the beginning of this year that such a thing would be happening in our beloved New Zealand, and indeed throughout the world?

This event will have forever changed how we do business and indeed life. For me, while I am enjoying being safe with my family, in our ‘bubble,’ it is hard not being able to hug my grandsons or my best friend, or go and have a coffee. This also, may mean the end of the office administration job I had and loved, but I know a lot of businesses and families are struggling and hurting a lot more than that. I have no control over a lot of this, but I believe in Who does and I would find it very difficult to keep going without my strong faith and connection God. May we stand strong – Kia Kaha.

I have seen a lot of references to our ‘new normal.’ Whatever that means for us all is still to be discovered. In terms of my proofreading and editing, a lot more will be online, and I don’t mind that idea! For this reason, I have updated my website https://proofreading.works/ to include some basic charges to make it easier for people to think about using my service.

I hope our ‘new normal’ continues to include friendliness and kindness to ourselves and others. That is something that we never want to be kept in lock down.

Published by accordingtojj

I LOVE God, my husband of 45 years, my two beautiful daughters, my wonderful son-in-law, my two awesome grandsons, football (soccer), my church (OCC), scrapbooking, reading, TV, movies, chocolate... and I'm loving my new job of proofreading and editing after obtaining a Diploma - with excellence!

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