I am puzzled. It bothers me that so many people these days have trouble with basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. Is it because children in school these days are not corrected in their school work? When I was at school we were thoroughly taught all the basics over and over and it never bothered me to see words crossed out or grammar marked with red pen! I credit this for instilling in me the excellent skills I now have. Maybe it is because so much is done on devices these days and good apps like spell check and grammar check are relied on. These certainly help but also certainly do not pick up all errors or the meaning of words and the context in which they are used.

So, I strongly believe there is still a need for proofreaders and my challenge is to get that point over to people. Anything can be proofread and no job is too small. I have heard of businesses being taken to court and losing a LOT of money because of the use of a comma or fullstop in the wrong place.

I have been trained to look beyond the incorrect use of there/their or your/you’re, and can also help to construct sentences that flow well, convey the meaning correctly and maintain the integrity of your work.

I look forward to working on a variety of works and helping people where they need it the most.

Published by accordingtojj

I LOVE God, my husband of 45 years, my two beautiful daughters, my wonderful son-in-law, my two awesome grandsons, football (soccer), my church (OCC), scrapbooking, reading, TV, movies, chocolate... and I'm loving my new job of proofreading and editing after obtaining a Diploma - with excellence!

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